The 2019 VRYSA Officers

Chairperson James Tripp
Vice-Chairperson OPEN
Secretary Carolyn Clifford
Treasurer Robert Wochinger



Concessions Coordinator Nick Ellis
Division Coordinator Coed 2014/2015 Emily Dabek
Division Coordinator Coed 2013 Joshua Fundis
Division Coordinator Coed 2012 Stephanie Resue
Division Coordinator Boys 2010-2011 Jeff Stockwin
Division Coordinator Boys 2008-2009 Jeff Stockwin
Division Coordinator Girls 2010-2011 Nick Ellis
Division Coordinator Girls 2008-2009 Robert Wochinger
Division Coordinator Coed 2003-2007 Scott French
Equipment Tara Riesbeck
Field Joshua Fundis
Fundraising Mark Merges
Photos Coordinator OPEN
Registrar/Scheduler Victor Lourenco
Sponsors Coordinator Becky Merges
Uniforms Coordinator Becky Merges


The VRYSA Board of Directors are nominated and elected by a general vote in the November time frame.  These offices are held for a period of twelve months.